7 May 2016

My Top 5 Best Gaming Creepypastas of All Time

Prepare to have your jimmies rustled for real this time

With my top five worst gaming creepypasta out of the way, this month let's move on to my top five best: no trollpastas, just like last time (although these ones are actually good so you wouldn't find any in this category anyway), and links to the original stories are in the hyperlinked titles. Dim the lights for atmosphere, hide your gaming apparatuses in case of sudden haunting, and let's dig in:

It's more unsettling than outright scary, but not every pasta has to be overtly frightening to be good. If you're in need of more of a spook from this story than mere reading or listening can provide, then there's a playable version of it that you can download here, if you dare...

4. Meek
In the same vein as The Theatre, Meek is less terrifying and more disquieting, but it is no less powerful a tale than any of the other stories on this list. The reason why it's at number four is that it's not what most would consider a gaming creepypasta, but considering the main character's life is directly affected by a video game, I think it counts. Check it out and you be the judge.

A true internet legend of our time. I didn't want to include this one since everybody and their mother has covered it, but it more than deserves a spot for how much care and detail went into it, and for how legitimately creepy it was before all the hype.

A creepypasta that raises more questions than answers in the best way possible, with a fantastic build up and easily believable premise, Metroid 2: Secret Worlds will either get you spooked, curious, or both. Whatever you do after reading it, don't end up like Pahn.

1. Polybius
The pasta itself isn't much to cower at, but the real chill factor comes from here and here. Is it real? Maybe not, but the fact that it could be is scary enough, not to mention it gets you wondering what else our governments could be doing that we don't know about.

Hope you found the pasta as tasty as I did.